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Geoff Waye profile

Geoff Waye began Karate training at age 14 in 1972 at a time when it was not fashionable for children or young adults to train in Karate.

Geoff trained wiith Katsimi Iba when he arrive in Australia in 1974

1978 Graded to 2nd Kyu

1983 Graded to Shodan by Sensei Greg Story

1986 Graded to Nidan by Sensei Sotokawa, and represented Qld in the National titles

1986 Opened dojo at Lota PCYC, which is still running under Sensei Geoff.

1992 Graded to Sandan

2000 Graded to Yondan

2012 Graded to Godan

Paddington Instructor profile

Peter Bayliss profile

Peter Bayliss began karate training in 1972 with Sensei Stan Prokuda in Indooroopilly where McDonalds is today.

1974-1977 Trained with Katsumi Iba in Brisbane

1976 received Ist Dan from Katsumi Iba

2nd Dan from Sotokawa

3rd Dan from Sotokawa

4th Dan from Sotokawa

5th Dan from Renbukan Association grading panel gold Cost

1996 Started training in Japanese Archery ( Kyudo )

1999 Started training in Matayoshi Kobudo

Peter regularly visits Himeji to train with Katsumi Iba 9th Dan in Karate and visits Taherino Gaja Sensei 9th Dan in Okinawa regularly to train in Kobudo

Peter is also a 6th Dan in Matayoshi Kobudo

In Memory of

Sensei Stan Prokuda 6th Dan

International Judge and Referee

Queensland Representative

Previous Head of Style

17th July 1948 – 23rd November 2022


Late last year we sadly said farewell to Sensei Stan Prokuda.

Sensei Stan came into my life in March 1974 when I joined the Indooroopilly Shukokai Karate Club. I trained with him there for about 3 months. The club then moved to Graceville Scout Den as the extension to Indooroopilly Shopping Town took over the site of the Club. MacDonalds now stand where we used to train.

Later in 1974 Sensei Iba arrived in Australia from Japan and the Clubs became known as Renbukan Karate Australia. Sensei Stan gained his 3rd Dan in 1977 from Sensei Iba. After Sensei Iba went back to Japan in 1977, the Renbukan Karate Clubs appointed Sensei Stan as Head of Style.

As well as the Graceville Club, Sensei Stan also ran a club at the Jindalee Allsports facility. At some point Sensei Stan left the Graceville Club in the hands of Des Sherlock and the Jindalee Club moved to St Francis Xavier School Hall in Goodna.

Due to setting up his own business Sensei Stan did not have time to run the Goodna club and asked me to take it over. The Club continued to run at Goodna until the roof of the hall was blown off in a storm. The club then moved to the Community Hall in Camira. Due to increasing cost, it was no longer viable and it was closed.

Once Sensei Stan’s business was established, he started the club at Bardon. When he became unwell and no longer able to train I “inherited” the club.

Sensei Stan had a wealth of knowledge and skills in Karate and I am thankful and grateful that he passed his knowledge on to me.

I am sure that all the Renbukan Members who knew him are greatly saddened by his passing and will miss his ready smile and friendly personality. They will also miss the way he made everyone feel important.

It was an honour to know him and to be his student and friend. I will miss him enormously.

RIP Sensei Stan

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